As I complete my Master’s of Christian Ministry at Harding School of Theology, I have the humble honor of documenting the life and legacy of Annie May Alston Lewis
Her work in the library coupled with her mentoring of ministers like yourself is, I believe, an untold story of influence and impact in the American Restoration Movement. I want to tell her story for two primary reasons : 1) as a research requirement for History of the American Restoration Movement class at HST, and 2) to form the beginnings of digital archives to be housed by the HST library of Annie May’s work and ministry. I am convinced, though, that her story will serve innumerable purposes in many lives as we remember how she loved and blessed us.
Don Meredith and the HST library staff have been extremely helpful in providing me with Annie May’s personal correspondence and interviews that have helped shape my research.
The final step of my research involves collecting stories and anecdotes from the people she knew and loved so dearly.
Please take a moment to share with me anything you think would assist in telling the story of Annie May Lewis.
  • How were you personally touched by Annie May?
  • In what ways did she influence your work in God’s Kingdom?
  • How do you see her legacy playing out in your life and in the lives of those around you
Please share your memories clicking on the word “Comments” above.

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